There is one factor that we really can’t stress enough to our clients here at Retirement Solutions is that you have the right to shop around, in order to find the best annuities deals on the market. The fact is that annuity rates vary so much between companies and whereas one company might provide higher rates for one set of circumstances, another company might not necessarily provide the same higher rate.

As such, it is imperative that you do your research in the lead up to your retirement. The Open Market Option allows you to do just that.

You Do Not Have to Buy Your Annuity from Your Current Pension Provider

In the lead up to your retirement, it is highly likely that you’ll receive lots of marketing material from your current pension provider, encouraging you to purchase your annuity with them. In many cases, people assume that it is compulsory to take your annuity with your pension provider, but this is simply not the case and we strive to let everyone know just that.

It is your right to exercise the Open Market Option, and Retirement Solutions can help you do exactly that.

Don’t Be Daunted By the Open Market Option

We know just how time consuming it can be to find out whether you’re getting the best annuity deal for your individual circumstances. There are hundreds of annuity providers in the UK, each offering different rates for different circumstances.

In addition, annuity rates fluctuate regularly, so you need to be sure that the rates you’re looking at are indeed accurate.

At Retirement Solutions we make the whole process incredibly simple for you. Simply give us the relevant details and we’ll provide you with accurate, up-to-date information gathered from all the annuity providers.