annuity calculatorHow to use our annuity calculator

The open market option allows you to choose your annuity from any of the annuity providers available, so it’s always worth shopping around. Up to 61% automatically take an annuity from their pension provider and miss out the potential to receive thousands of pounds in extra income over their lifetime.

By using our annuity calculator, you can gain access to quotes from hundreds of different annuity providers, so you can rest assured that you are getting the very best annuity income for your money. The annuity calculator is free to use, and it takes only a few minutes.


Adjustments to your annuity calculator result

Once you have filled in your details on the annuity calculator, one of our experienced annuity experts will contact you to discuss your circumstances in detail. Remember, up to 40% of people qualify for enhanced annuity rates, which can be up to 100% more than standard annuity rates. The annuity calculator can give you an idea, but the final amount may be more than you expect.

Our experts will discuss your medical and lifestyle history, including factors such as whether you have smoked, your weight, your blood pressure etc., as all of these will affect the best annuities rates available. They will also discuss the options you require, such as providing annuity income for your spouse, guaranteed minimum payment periods or increasing annuity payment levels. After you have a basic idea from the annuity calculator, these refinements need to be done with one of our advisors

Why we need to contact you

The annuity calculator is a good guide, but everyone is different, with their own unique medical history and current needs. Annuity providers will reflect this by quoting bespoke annuities rates for you. We need to talk to you in person once you have completed the annuity calculator, so that we can find out all we need to know to secure you the best annuity rates available.

The more you can tell us, the better the annuity rates we will be able to find and the better your annuity will suit your circumstances. Remember, you cannot change your annuity once you have started, even if your circumstances change over time. It pays to be honest about your history and current medical condition as this could lead to a much enhanced annuity income.

Why use annuities4u?

Annuities4U could get you thousands of pounds worth of extra annuity income over your lifetime, just for spending a few minutes completing the annuity calculator and talking to us on the phone, so it’s well worth using our services.

You are not obliged to use a financial advisor or comparison website to buy a pension annuity, although we would always advise you to get expert advice if you have any doubts. Our annuity calculator is here to help you find the best annuity rates without all the hassle of searching around for yourself. We have huge experience in this field and have access to hundreds of different providers all competing to give you the best annuities rates to secure your business.